I remember four dreams (that fourth dream which i did not recall when i dreamed went forgotten again before i wrote the third).

I only remember something that happened in the middle, a man (the actor who plays the bear jew in The Inglorious Basterds) was alone and his girlfriend went to him and they started fooling around and she stopped for what she said an emergency and he was more concerned about his erections.

I only remember being in one room of the Saint-Hubert house and receiving a call, I thought I had made clear to her before that I did not want to meet her and also I had trouble hearing her so I tried listening and making myself heard but I ended up with an appointment (maybes its the only things that happened).

A man was happy driving an old dirty car but he was mostly happy because it used to belong to a disgusting man who just had received his karma, someone else was in the car disgusted but the old man told her or him his plan for the car and how it would end up beautiful.