I remember two dreams.

Two or three of my teeth at the bottom in the middle looked like they were moving, at first I thought it was in my head but one day I realised it was for real, they were moving away from my mouth. I called my dentist for an emergency appointment and told them that my teeth were dislocating. My hygienist came on the phone and she was trying to explain something that was a problem (about money i think) and I said that I did not care that I needed an appointment then the next thing I remember is that she told me that there was a woman who did jaw massages and this made teeth go back to their places and I said that I wanted to go try her (i think she said that that was free). I think that I called from a half house and the rest was a forest, I know there was lots of trees.

Dad wanted to shave but he made that a whole huge thing. He was freaking out over this saying that he would spend the rest of his life with a beard. I said why don't you use your electric shaver and I think he said it was broken (or i learned it was broken in another way) then I said well just use shaving cream and a normal razor and he kept freaking out like it was the end of the world.