I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that there were one Dog in it or more.

I went to a hairdresser and was followed by paparazzi who were keeping their distance because they knew I would not tolerate them blocking my way and touching me. I asked to talk privately to the woman who would cut my hair, I looked at everyone and said to not be offended but that what I wanted was a big change and that I did not want it to be leaked before I had that look and before I showed it myself. We went in a elevator and I told her before we ended up on another floor. I wanted a buzz cut, her attitude changed then, I told her why I wanted it and she said okay but it looked like she did not want to do it. I had at least one question before I told her that and I also gave her a reason or more which I do not remember. I said that I would be back for it, my plan was also to come out with a hat so that the reveal would be later.

That dream started by me watching a special on a small apartment, the way it was presented it was like it was only barely enough for a double bed and some drawers near the window, it looked like the parents and kids all lived there then I could see it was bigger, there was a small bed under stairs with lots of drawers and a hidden door where the bathroom was then a room where the stairs led too and a kitchen. Then it was me living in a small apartment like that one, on the left of the door I had put my computer which switch to the right at one point, on the other side there was my television with a double sofa away from it. Then it was the kitchen, the bathroom was small and downstairs too then upstairs there was a big enough room to have a double bed and furniture for my clothes. Got a visit from a friend which excited me. The rent was less than 300$ a month, the electricity was not included but the woman who came to get the rent at one point explained to Brigitte that it was very cheap and I said that at first I did not believe it since I open my computer when I get up and close it before bed plus I use my television a lot. Brigitte was impressed by how I installed everything to look like I had lots of room when I did not and I was happy to finally be on my own.