I remember two dreams.

I went to the hospital because my [censored] hurt too much, it was more than the infection it was the backup cream that had given me an allergic reaction. I told the nurse at the triage that it hurt too much when I sat so I stayed standing. She asked me the questions, took my pressure and temperature and then she decided that I had to see a doctor then. She went and asked if a room was available and she got me there. She helped me to get naked and put the hospital gown then get on the bed. She told me to put my feet up and that she would soon put cream on that would stop the pain and then the doctor would come but she came back with a woman on a hospital bed and she said that she was out of it so it would not bother me, I hid my genitals when she entered (the curtain was not even opened so everyone could see when she opened the door) and I could see the woman open her eyes sometimes and she was conscious and even appeared to fake. Then someone else at least was in the room and the nurse was talking like I was not even there. I was in agony and after a while (had gotten my feet out of the thing and tried to relax laying down) I got up and put my clothes back on. The nurse finally saw me and asked me what I was doing and I said that I was going, that I was still in agony but they were not taken care of me.

This came back to me when finishing the other, I only remember that it somehow had to do with Ste-Florence.