I remember one dream.

This I am not sure it was all of it. I was in a store with dad and my brother was there and he was young like before teenage years. The store was big. Bullets were flying everywhere and I was searching for something made of metal so that we could hide behind. Dad or and my brother kept pointing to things that were not made of metal and I kept telling them, some time I took my cell and I think at least one of them were not happy about it, we were hiding where lots of furniture was and nobody else was, I knew whoever was there killing people at least one would end up there at one point. I called mom and another woman answered but probably too stressed I did not realised and I asked her a questions (i think what is best to hide behind that would stop a bullet or and to not be caught or and about the metal) the woman said that mom was busy and that she (the woman) did not know or something like that, I hung up after that I think (something else happened to that cell i think or i was just looking at it). I started walking while being careful (hiding and not being straight and on all fours and crawling) and when I was in some place where lots of hiles (sp???) were I know at one point dad and brother were there. Some people running away were there and I was just thinking of myself until I saw a young boy who could not run and he was turned into a card and crying and imploring for help, others were there and I ignored and I heard this is it if you show you do not care they won't come after you, I was heartbroken and soon after I could return and the card that was the boy was on the floor and it was too late. I started crying saying that I was sorry that I wanted to help but could not. I think it stopped there.