I remember two drams (the first may of been 2 different ones).

I was able to run away from my parents. I got an apartment and soon went to a bank. I was in an office with a man and a woman, I do not remember why I was there but they especially the man were concerned. I told them my situation and how I would myself paint everything and then buy furniture, at that point at least one smiled. The woman asked me at one point if I had a proof of what I was saying about my finances that I always paid everything in full and I said that since I had to run away in secret I left many things and anyway I had almost nothing thanks to the fire. I said that all I had for that was the papers saying that I had paid a computer (in that dream it was by months) and it seemed it was not enough for whatever I was there for. Now this is when it either changed or it was another dream! I was in the apartment that looked different from the start and it also changed whenever I would move in it, also then mom was there and I told her that I did not know what to do with the television and computer, the only room it seemed perfect to put these in was in the room where there was a wood stove, she said that it could ruin the electronics. I said then it is the bedroom but if I do that then the bedroom would end up in the wood stove room and I could not because I cannot sleep in a heated room. I was moving in there and then I spotted spider webs and I was scared so moved slowly and then I spotted (almost walked face on it) a spider and I turned around almost having a panic attack and I told her and she got it with a smile I think. I do not know if it ended there or I do not remember the rest.

I was in either my new place or at a friend's house. I asked her what she liked in a pizza and then right away said some topics and she said she did not liked that and I was shocked because I thought she did so I asked if she liked alfredo sauce on it with seafood and she said no and I made her favorite pizza then mine at the same time, I also cooked another crust. Before that other things happened which I cannot recall, after I do not know what happened, but during I could see in my head pizzas and I thought in different ways how to cook them like crust alone then the toppings or at least two different ways.