I remember four dreams.

Mom had saved all or almost all of my teddy bears (and dolls and etc) collection and I kept telling her that I wanted to start fresh again since I had lost everything else and she did not care about my feelings. I finally after looking at them and crying told her that I was going to take all of them and give them to an hospital or some other place like that, she complained a little I think but either let me do it or helped me do it or did it herself. Also where we were living at mostly looked like the Ste-Florence house.

I was on Survivor. Almost immediately there was a man that took control and he could make almost everyone there do and say anything he wanted. When it was time to choose who was next to be eliminated (it was like the second or third elimination) he started walking away and almost everyone remained. I started laughing sarcastically and knew I was the one, I looked at whoever did not follow (they were all not together and doing other things) and since I was the one who kept facing him and he had zero chance of manipulating me it was for sure me which is what happened, they all came back and said it was unanimous and it was me. I laughed and said good now I get to go take a shower and I probably said something else. I walked passed him and held my breath (did that with most if not all since we all stunk) and went in I think a canoe to get out. Then I had flashbacks of how it all happened and what my main issue was which was spiders, I had no idea why I ended up there.

King Kong was there and Godzilla too but people only seemed to know about King Kong and they wanted to kill him. I tried my best by trying to warn them, scream at them and get in front of him. They pointed at a jelly bean brand and I said no I know they are disgusting I made them (have 0 recollection what they wanted to do with it). King Kong had seen me trying to protect him and he was looking at me and me him, I extended a hand and arm and he too and we touched fingers. He was then attacked and he grabbed me to protect me. At one point he was hit by bullets and I was very concerned, I remember checking him the best I could when we ended up alone but that is it.

All I remember is that Tom Cruise was in it.