I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that it had to do with wrestling, that at least some of the WWE wrestlers were there, I was too and at least a big part was in a store of a mall (think it was a mall) and a show was supposed to happen there.

Mariah Carey was somewhere where a few others were and she was part of a contest in which were the better singer, she laughed it up when she agreed, a woman who was unknown sang and she was very good but Mariah was on point. I think that happened another time at least after she was declared the winner.

A friend came to visit, I think it was supposed to be here but it looked different. It was either the entire dream or a part of it but our conversation was about me and my parents moving as soon as the house was for sale, she said at one point I don't thing the big house will work and I asked the one near Matane and she said yes or I think that's the one then I said well I basically only put it in my favorites just to go look at, there are better ones and the blue one is perfect, I know that was not the end of that conversation.