I remember two dreams.

I was playing a game but it was also real life. I was getting upgrades, half of it worked great in the game but in real life not so the second time around I focused on the others.

A big storm was going on and the wind and waves were huge. I had set up a tent outside where the beach was and it was still standing plus for some reason the waves were not crashing on it. I was going to live in it and before I did I replied to dad who thought that was a very stupid thing to do oh more stupid than waiting too long to sell a house you have no money to pay for and then have to accept the first offer instead of going away with nothing, he still was laughing at me but I could see that I got to him. I went outside and to make sure the tent would survive I added more things where it was on the ground. At one point when outside it actually became the Saint-Hubert house and where I was it was at the end of that yard on the right, where the fence was there was a river. I decided to fish when I saw that there was a lot. I got a net with a post on it and was waiting, when I was about to go get little fishes I saw bigger ones then really big ones. I caught two medium sized and while the fire was starting (i had put metal around it and rocks too so that it would not spread to the rest of the grass then everything else) I cleaned the two fishes. A woman walked by and was impressed that I got these two fishes, I asked her if these were eatable and she said yes, when the meat turns white they are ready. I made her look to be sure I had taken all the bones out and she said yes, I looked one more time for the bones then put the fishes on the fire to cook. I do not think other things happened besides dad looking at me and being angry that it was going great for me oh also I fell in the river while fishing and I fell where the water was deep but somehow despite not being able to swim I swam.