I remember two dreams.

This I remember not a lot of. There was a man who was living in a huge home but it needed lots of renovation. His dad or perhaps someone else had made it different for him. A man who was famous had met him at that house and was supposed to either come back or and help him. He heard him on the radio, he was asked about that place and he responded oh yeah his dad built like a (cannot remember the word he used) and he said it was cool and I think he said he would be back there soon. Many other people or at least a few other people were there and I think they lived there too.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house with dad and my brother. The only difference was the driveway that was a little larger and many things were on it mostly scrap metal. His truck was there too but was on a ramp and the front of the truck was touching the asphalt so the rest was in the air. He was supposed to go work and we had at least two other cars but he went in the truck which did not start but I wondered how he would drive with it if it did start. I told him to use another car and he agreed but the truck started, another car had started immediately and I cannot remember which he took but he said that he trusted it more and then he said that I knew what time he would be back and I said yeah or yes and he left. Like usual my brother did not speak at all in the dream. I was watching something interesting but also I was trying to find something on television then and later until he would be back. Then I wanted to eat and then went in the car closer to the house and went to McDonald's or was going there, I wanted dad to see the bag and know that I had driven alone with no problem. I think this is where it ended, if not then I do not remember the end.