I remember three dreams.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house, we had lots of guests, one looked like the mom in Everybody Loves Raymond and she ended up not eating anything at night, she had barely eaten during the day. I thought it was stupid, mom whispered to me it was because she wanted something in the oven but an uncle of mine had taken all the aluminium plates.

It was a Everybody Loves Raymond episode that never was done, in this something happened with Robert which I do not remember at the end Raymond was on the floor and then the wife said to the daughter that they were going upstairs and he was happy and got up very fast, the daughter knew what was going on. Upstairs the two were excited but Raymond first went in the bathroom then they were both in the bathroom talking and one was brushing their teeth and the other was doing something like that.

I went back to school. That school was huge and I finally was able to find my class, I went to the bathroom then in between two doors there was a curtain that made a little room and I went there to change but it was scary embarrassing because some wind was there and the curtains kept moving and sometimes very high. Then I got a call and it was Michael Fassbender that wanted me to come to his hotel room for sex so of course I said I was coming. Someone asked me why I was going because it was important classes and I said that I did not care because I was going to have sex with Michael Fassbender. I started going outside slowly getting a coat on and finding my sunglasses and while still doing that with a smile the principal of that school told me that nobody could leave before the end of the classes and I told him that I was going to have sex with Michael Fassbender, he grabbed an arm and I made him let me go and I said that nobody would stop me and that I was thirty-eight then I think I said the correct age and he said he did not care. I started walking again and he had me followed and I got to the hotel and the room, when he opened the door he grabbed me and screaming with joy I ended up there and he closed the door, of course the dream had to stop there!