I remember two dreams.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house which looked a little different (later the outside too). I had to go somewhere (an important appointment) and dad was waiting for me to get ready, he thought I had forgotten but he never talked to me. I got ready and when upstairs in the closet and with music playing apparently he talked to me then became enraged when I did not answer, I heard him complain about it to mom when I went downstairs and I told him well that's what happens when someone is in a closet of another floor with music playing we do not hear when someone talks to us. He kind of calmed down (he hit something violently at 1 point - i think its before i came down) and we got in the car but before reaching the end of the street really strong wind started and it looked really fast like a tornado was coming so we both agreed to not continue and he turned the car around and I was thinking maybe it would be possible and I woke up.

I was with the Dallas Stars and one afternoon or before I decided to go shopping. Lots of people recognized me but everyone left me alone. After a first store Eric Lindros arrived and we went to a dollar store. It was really him but he was acting like my dad. We took our time, I was looking at everything and he was standing there. Besides me helping a woman who was searching for something there was no interaction with people (well some smiles here and there). When at the cash register I was getting my wallet and he said no I'm paying and I looked at the cashier and said isn't he nice and hugged him. The cashier did say something like yes he is. I woke up after I think.