I remember one dream.

I was living in an apartment with a friend or just someone else, I had no job and my savings were running low. I was out and received a call on my cell and it was one of the place where I had a job interview and I was excited when I saw the number and even more excited when I answered because I got the job, I tried not to scream to much on the phone then let a scream after hanging up and I also jumped while smiling and telling everyone I had a job, someone I did not know asked me about it or just said that it was a nice news or something and I told what it was and my salary and a woman was impressed by the salary because I would work nine hours in a store but almost will make 100$ a day. I went to my bedroom and took some money out of the small pot and figured I could use it since I now had a job, I went to get myself a big pizza to celebrate then realised I needed professional clothes so later (the day prior my first day on the job) went with the woman I was living with at a Guess store, many people were working there and I said that I needed a few outfits that looked professional and they all were puzzled by that, me and the woman were shocked and almost amused, I said you know dressed pants and skirts and shirts and still no movements so me and the woman found the outfits ourselves and even one pair of shoes that I almost forgot about.