I remember two dreams.

I and three others were super heroes and the end (probably just was that since i did not slept a lot especially that time) were at the top of a pyramid on each sides and we had to make sure a child stayed there. None of us moved and we were almost paralysed when we saw help coming via boat. I was the one who saw it (did not look like myself) and I told everyone else that we were all saved, by that point we started moving a little but making sure to not let go of the child.

I was on Fort Boyard and I did everything giving it my all which I had promised myself before going there but when someone opened a hatch (or it opened itself) and I was about to go in and I said no way or something like that and backed out, it was a small corridor going up with cords everywhere and someone was hiding and spraying water, it was mostly the very tiny space that scared me and the water being sprayed did not helped and so were the cords who seemed electric (had flashbacks of scenes during that time of previous people stuck there). Instead of telling me I was out they said they had something else for me and everyone said oh oh. A man was looking at me and started to run so I ran after but I saw him hiding like an idiot and stopped soon after I started running after him again when he ran again, that was stupid plus nobody had told me to do that. Then what I remember is being on like a stage but that was like a hole instead of being elevated and he started dancing and singing and when a woman's voice started I figured I had to do the same which I did, people thought I was insane but I did my best anyway and it worked, after laughing I said that it would of been better if I had known the lyrics (thought when doing it did they give the lyrics to me before coming here and they did not). They then gave me a knife and Tom Cruise too and we exchanged it right away or later, he said finally an American handle, it was the same knife but the handles had our flag. I think something else happened but if so I cannot recall it.