I remember three dreams.

I was getting back home but I do not remember what happened before but others or another people gave me a set of clothes (overall blue jeans and a long sleeve top that was fitted and a few colors) and a quarter in case I needed to call someone. That or those people probably paid the bus too since I was in one. I decided to get out a few or one stop away from mine and then I decided to turn to another street instead of walking in mine but for some reason at the end it was closed by a fence and before there were lots of tree branches. Did not want to go back so I continued and went through the branches which one broke and did not even stopped when I saw the spider webs which freaked me out. There were many people around and I did not want to be seen since those things were there and it probably meant nobody had the right to pass there anymore. Towards the end I pulled over a hood over my head which was not there until then and it became a coat and I tried to use the maximum to not get spiders on me. At the end I was going to climb the fence when a black Labrador came near it and when he or she saw me he or she barked, I tried to calm him or her down by talking gently and suddenly the Dog was on my side still barking and running around and I kept trying to calm him or her but jumped when I saw the Dog was now there. There were still people around but nobody saw me. I do not know if something else happened or not after that.

Me and others were picking up things that had to do with someone else. This is all I remember.

I remember the same thing except that the reason to pick these things were changed and at least one new thing happened.