I remember three dreams.

Mom had been told by her doctor that one of her four medication would be cut, it was her high blood pressure pill. That doctor was also moving away to work elsewhere. A few days ago before we all three ran errands I thought about it and figured out it was insane. I told her that she should go see him before he left and when she told me it was impossible I told her to go to the hospital emergency and they would give her a prescription. I tried to make her see that without it she would die then I said if this is what you want then you should find another way because you could end up paralized or in a coma which would be worst, when I said that she disappeared in a closet. She finally accepted but at first she said she would wait and I asked how much of these pills remained and she said four but said she could cut them in half and go a few days without. At the end she went to the emergency room and after a while she got her pills for two years. We were in our Saint-Hubert house and when she went in the closet it was my brother's that was not in the dream.

My head was turning and I went to the emergency room which took me a lot of strength. When I got there I had to hold the counter so to not fall. I could barely talk but finally someone understood and asked me to sit and that I would be the first or one of the first (the place was almost full of people). Someone asked me a question from where I was but I looked at him and could not answer not only because of my head but because both my ears were suddenly full of wax and one was making a big sound. Just when I thought I was deaf I woke up but I think in the dream the ears stopped doing it before.

I went outside with a man that looked like Christian Bale. He had a bag of petals and petals were on the ground which was leading to our car, he was adding petals as we slowly walked. Paparazzis were there but keeping their distance. I was pleasantly shocked. He opened my door and I could not wait for him to enter to kiss him which I did. I laughed before entering the car because petals were also on my seat, I thought about it a few seconds before sitting but I had a huge smile on my face and was overwhelmed by the romance.