I remember two dreams.

All I remember (maybe it was just that) is that I was going to cook a piece of chicken that was in the freezer but saw that mom had taken it out and cooked it and then put it back in the freezer, I was hesitating to eat it because I thought it was dangerous to do that with food especially chicken.

I had a baby and went to a store to get him new clothes. I was driving and he was in his car seat in the passenger seat. I often talked to him and touched him and he was happy. For some reason my parents were there when I arrived and I saw Leonardo DiCaprio who ended up just behind me, for the sake of my baby and also respect for him I did not bother him and stayed calm. I picked up a few things and mom picked up a shirt for her, Leo who I think was not alone and was also maybe with a baby went the same places as us, he also seemed maybe like disgusted with me, either way he did not seem to like me. We were about done and mom took the shirt and looked at the price and it was almost 80$ so she grimaced and said she will not take it and either dad or me or both said to take it. We were about done when she said that all she needed before going back home was cement so I went to check (we were in electronics - just remember that i checked when in the computer section if mine was there and i saw it [in it it was a set in real life its not] and joked to mom that it was 200$ less than i paid and i would go back to the store and demand a refund of the difference and she laughed) the renovation section which was right next and I did not see it (it was small) I turned around and saw her ask someone who worked there and he pointed somewhere, the alarm clock went on, I do not remember if something else at the start happened. Also when driving and arriving there it was almost like I was in a forest but there was an highway when I was driving and others around too and the store was big.