I remember three dreams.

A poor cute little boy was born with a heart problem but it never stopped him from being happy and active. When he turned a certain age the surgeons and doctors said that he was ready for a dangerous operation that they said if successful he would be more active and should live old and without complications, that operation was to put his heart out of his body but on it connected with things. He had that operation but it had the opposite effect. The poor kid had zero energy left and when he moved it was barely. I had the opportunity to go meet him but felt bad because I knew that I could not look where the heart was, it was covered in bandages or something like that but everyone could see it. I also was sure that I could not look at all the things connected to it. I told people who knew him to tell him that and to tell him it was not disrespect and anything like that that it was just the way I was with those things. I was told it would be okay and I met him and like I thought I could not look at all that. He was still a happy boy despite this.

I was practicing dancing and ice skating for a movie I had to act in. Daniel Craig was in it too. I was practicing where people were, they thought I was crazy but I knew what I was doing. At the end me and Daniel were supposed to ice dance but one move we started practicing was close contact and we started doing it slower and then we were about to kiss when I woke up.

I was watching videos or shows with a narrator that was funny with his sarcasm. The last was supposed to be a top twenty of the hotels that has the beast weather, he stayed just a few seconds on each and also each starting from the last was getting worst because of how violent things were there. Before reaching number one I woke up, the last was like fifteen and people were killing each others with all sorts of things, the hotel made of what seemed to be the same thing of the pyramids was broken and what seemed to be a part of that broken hotel was thrown on a man who fell on the ground twitching, nobody cared because they were killing each others around him, more rocks were thrown on him and he kept twitching, he was holding a machete and cut the back of his head while twitching, I thought or said aloud hey that is an irony and hopefully he used it to kill or injure before that would be a perfect irony and karma. His brain looked gone but he saw another big rock coming and went on his tummy and it got the back of his head.