I remember one dream.

I and a few other people would be going down a wall of rocks that was very deep and hidden in a forest. We were all staying in tents near it and when it was the day to go down I started packing my backpack alone, I was putting guns in when a man arrived and laughed asking what I was doing and I said that it was at least twenty thousand old and that maybe since then nobody had ever gone down there so that whatever was down there if anything was there could be anything so it was best to be prepared for anything (when saying all that or before there was a flashback of someone going down then getting caught by a huge monster - that was not seen by me in the dream) he kept laughing but less. I also packed knives and I calculated at least six days we would be there so I packed underwear for that amount of time too along with food and water. The others came and I was first to go down. Either that dream stopped there or I do not remember what was next.