I remember one dream.

I was in a hotel and suddenly water went in and a huge Shark was there eating people. Jason Statham was there too and he was with me the one trying to save us all. Big metal doors started to close some parts of the hotel and me and him plus a few other people ended up in a room that got closed up with one. Me and him said to the others to stop making noise because despite the normal walls and everything else not leaking any water the huge Shark would not have any problems breaking it down to get to us, he and I think me too looked everywhere before the warning. Then I think it was me who looked out the window, we were a few stories up but could of jump since outside was not flooded but I realised before mentioning it to the others that some parts had water (did not matter if it was super not deep) and the Shark was there too and also from the water caught people.