I remember two dreams.

Me and dad and maybe mom went to a restaurant, Mariah Carey was close by and she wanted her favorite mattress to follow her and somehow we ended up with it on our backseat but someone else was supposed to come for it and did not so I called her from my cell phone and she said that she decided to just change it and I was angry and or insulted so I asked what to do with it and she said that she did not want it back. I thought for a while to just got rid of it then to sell it but I decided to give it back to her to teach her. Dad came back with the food that looked good but I had forgot to ask him to ask them if there was nuts. I looked in their menu and their food (maybe i saw it when i looked - i also remember seeing them cook it but i know i never entered the restaurant unless im forgetting it). I think I decided to eat it anyway. That is all I remember but that could of been it.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house and the phone rang, I knew it was grandma and I did not want to talk to her but for some reason I answered anyway (felt sorry i think) she went on and on about Luc her favorite son and then she asked me something about something he was missing and I told her I did not know but she became silent and I went to get the thing he had that was broken and I said each things I saw on it (words i think - i think it was a gun) and when she said that is it I said that I still did not know. When I finally hung up (i think other things happened too probably all on the phone) mom asked me why I answered and I do not remember the rest.