I remember one dream.

It looked to be the end of the world or there was another reason why there was not a lot of people left and we were basically all left to fight for each others alone. I (did not look like myself but it was me) I walking around with a backpack that had lots of money in it (more than 30000$). I ended up in an abandoned house that looked much better than all the places I had been. I was acting like my backpack was not important all the time in case I was being watched so I just left it on the ground near the entrance while I went to look around and found ways to close the holes or at least one or some to have less cold getting in to be more comfortable while I would be there and maybe even stay there forever. I came back and saw the backpack was either opened or looked strange so I checked and the money was gone. I of course freaked out, the more the dream advanced the more that house looked like the Saint-Hubert house and by the end mom was there and I screamed crying at her that I knew she stole my money (before that i found 2 bills that were forgotten - a 200$ or higher and a 20$ or lower). She did not care at all but it showed it was her, when I said ha I knew it's you you just gave yourself away with that face you just did and I said which one and probably did it too and she started having remorse but I did not care about it because I knew the money was gone and I would never see it again.