I remember three dreams.

I and my parents were in the Saint-Hubert house, a lot of our family members were supposed to come there for a funeral. One night I saw mom run with a pillow and she said they were here, they came in advance which I already hated they would be there to start with. I do not remember much until me being in my bedroom trying to watch an half hour show and then an uncle and dad were where my bed was talking then many others came in to talk and I kept watching and talking to myself about what was happening (it was a show i had not seen in i think years). After that I do not remember how it happened but mom scolded me for something and it somehow had to do with the visit or at least one of them and she took her/his/their part and I exploded, I started by this is it you never loved me and then I took what I think was all my clothes which fitted in all of my luggage, they tried to change my mind at least at the start and there I pointed at both while saying loudly something. The last which was the biggest piece of luggage only had the rest of a potato bag and it also had a few flies and mom wanted me to leave it here (also for some reason that luggage was plastic or at least transparent. I said okay and emptied that then put there what I had forgotten which was pajamas but then I emptied it too because there were some flies there and then I saw spiders on the floor where it was emptied and them in the luggage many more which made me freak out.

I got up while guessing the time, a few moments later when not finished putting my pajama on I hit the snooze thing to get the light to see the time but it did not work, I then tried to get it to work and it did not work, at the end I hit a button that I was not supposed to and it shut down which made me freak out like it was my computer.

That was the last minutes I fell back asleep, Batman (Christian Bale) was there, war was going on, he was fighting it, at the end it looked like he died there and I was devastated.