Oh, so many, many dreams! There are two that lingered with me: In one dream, my husband was holding the hand of our little boy who died years ago and they were walking on a short pier. I was walking a little ways behind them. My husband was trying to jump onto a large ship that was near the dock but it was started to leave and there was no loading ramp. He grabbed our son around the waist with one arm and then jumped and reached up to grab the side railing of the ship. I was alarmed because he was going to drop our little boy so I ran towards the end of the pier, preparing to jump into the water to save him but then my husband managed to pull them both into the ship.

The only thing was that the ship changed into one of those canoes filled with Disneyland guests all paddling on the canoe ride. I watched as they all paddled away but I was not panicked as I knew it was a temporary theme park ride.

This dream, to me, reflected what is going on with my husband right now. He is missing our little boy and my husband would love it if he could die to be with him (jumping on the ship). However, he will not die. Instead, he will take a leisurely pleasure trip with our son (down memory lane).

And this dream was true. The next morning, my husband told me that he was missing our son very much and so he got in the car to take a long car ride to be with his thoughts and memories. He returned feeling much better.

In my second dream, I was running and running through a large commercial storage facility. There were garage type doors on both sides of the aisle but I remember running hard, not wanting something to catch me.

This dream, too, reflects what is going on in my waking life. I have been revisiting a lot of old, stored memories--good and bad. I try to get past them but all that effort (running) will do no good unless I change the scenery. I need to focus more on the present moment.

What have you dreamed about lately?

Lori Chidori Phillips
Bellaonline Dreams editor
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