I remember one dream.

I was hearing numbers of a lotto ticket being called and these numbers were familiar to me so I got mine and checked and at first I thought I had them all but I had the first six, the last and I had three more but not at the place these were called, at least one more were not mine. I was freaking out but tried to remain calm, I went to dad and asked him if the numbers had to be at the place where it was called and he thought that it was not, I said if you are right I just won more four and a half millions (kept checking the list of prizes - also only 1 had won that so did not have to separate it with anybody). He thought he would have a part of it so he planned to go get it right away but I went to a bank and put that ticket in a safe box and put the key on a chain with two other things and my plan was to say if anybody asked is that it was from my childhood. I was planning what I would do with that money and how I would never run out of it. I also planned my getaway from my parents and would not give them anything, in the letter that wold be left to them I explained everything and for the money I said that since they were awful with money it would be a waste.