I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that at least one part had to do with baking in this kitchen and mom was there at at least one part of it.

I was back at the hospital and when I was finally called I received a call on my cell and it was from a place in Toronto about a job so I answered while walking to where the rooms are and was told by a nurse no phones here and I said it was about a job so I went to the room and put the hospital gown over my clothes and I was finishing the call when the doctor came in and he smiled but it was apparent he was annoyed. Hung up saying I got the job and he congratulated me then it was the talk and after a few questions he said that he had to look and I did not want to but I got ready and he was careful when he looked. I kept the sweatshirt on that was so big it was almost in the way of the examination. Plus before the only medication available was for the inside and I was not happy about that, I finally asked if there was another pill or exterior cream and he seemed to think there was not or at least say that it would not work.

It was like a commercial or new toys and I wanted it because I missed having a pretend play with little people and even dolls, those were little people toys.