I remember one dream.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house, my computer was in the kitchen. One morning we heard an uncle was dead and for some reason everyone would come to our house until the funeral. I was angry at that and before the afternoon was over everyone was there. They all of course were mostly in the kitchen and the television was always on a dubbed channel so I did not go there to finish my things on the internet. A few of them heard me say that I did not want to do what I always did on the internet at 3:00 or 4:00 or 5:00 especially since I was up early that day and they or some looked at me insulted because I wanted to keep doing what I was used to doing. One person was Julia Roberts for some reason. There were less people in the kitchen and for a while dad was not with the remote so I sneaked it out of there hoping at least the television would not get open again but it did and to a darm news channel. I was wondering how he changed the channels without that remote since with the television's remote it would screw all of the satellite channels. We had to help with someone in my family (the dead uncle i think) and his farm (nobody in real life in my family has a farm) and all that needed to be done was to put some yellow and green beans and some carrot leaves in different packages to then sell, I wondered where those packages were and dad exclaimed he did not know and I almost rolled my eyes but I thought of something and sure enough it was there, got three different sizes and after I checked the plastic but there were numbers and some were damaged so I said I would just use simple plastic wrap which made dad angry because I got it done. I finally was able to go on my computer but at least one person was still around so I went on Youtube in the meantime and clicked on a weird video that was from Buzz Feed, all except one or a few at a time were naked (could only see the back of their heads plus top of their back and had connected to their uterus a claw that would rip one by one until one winner was left, I was wondering what to that claw was connected for the men. So the first contest was two small groups that were supposed to dance and sing, towards the end Dwayne Johnson appeared and slid on the floor and took one with him and I was shocked that woman did not get hurt and that he was able to stop before hurting the others.