I remember one dream.

Me and my parents were in the big shopping mall that is near where we lived in Saint-Hubert. It was changed a lot plus it also looked different. My parents wanted a baby gift but one in particular that was in one of the baby stores. We looked for it everywhere on the second level but before we asked for directions that we did not listen. Then I said that I would go downstairs and look everywhere there and then call them when I found it but I was on the phone with mom from the start and told her that I would call when I would found it when I saw that my battery was low. Before that I saw HMV and I said wow they are still opened and when I walked past it looked small and empty, when I walked by again it was not it was full of things even books and it had more than the one employee I saw. Dad from the start or almost the start had a bad attitude. I went three ways and called them and said I only had one way to check but in the middle I could not find where I had not look, I kept looking and saying it and then mom told me to give up and I did not want to because it was ridiculous being lost like that plus we had spent a lot of time looking for that store and we were almost there. Besides Sears still being there and looking sad I do not remember but if something else happened it probably is not a lot more.