I remember two dreams.

I was walking in nature with my parents. I was scared of spiders since it was Summer time but I forgot about it until I went somewhere they did not and saw webs on the ground. I freaked out and tried to go away but there were webs everywhere and it kept getting bigger. I screamed for them who were close, screamed for mom then screamed for dad because she too was scared after they did not come. Then I started seeing spiders and they were small but getting bigger. The next thing I know is that me and mom were somewhere else standing where a door was, I spotted a huge spider on a wall in the room so I backed up while warning her and she stayed there so I screamed to be careful that there was a spider when it started moving and she stayed there, the spider started moving towards her, it seemed to make it's web while moving not walking on an already made web. She stayed there until the spider was right on to of her, dad was there too and he seemed oblivious to what was happening, I was hysterical, mom looked scared but remained there.

Dad came back from changing the tires on the car (it was red but seemed different from our car - our house looked like a mix of a few weve lived in and also where weve had not lived) mom and I were outside. We heard the car working hard because there was a lot of snow (feet so a lot) he came from the left where there was a lot of snow but most was shoveled so there was a track. We first saw a head of a tall man then dad appeared driving, he seemed proud of himself when he arrived in the backyard (that too looked like a mix of where weve lived and not) but then he started losing control and he ended up where the fence is (there too the snow was very high) and he barely was able to turn the car around to avoid crashing in the fence then stopped. He said wow I was lucky but seemed to find it all funny, mom and I were scared and the man was incredulous in how he reacted and why he first decided to change to Summer tires with all that snow remaining (he was the man who did that i think).