I remember one dream.

For some reason I was part of a group that had to get ready a place that would have Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with guests. The plans they gave us for the table setting and where it was was insane enough but when we started we saw papers that were new plans that were crazier. Finally at one point really trying to follow it I said what the hell am I doing there and I left. I ended up somewhere where I took stuff that belong to me, there were stuff everywhere so I was looking and getting my things one by one, Kim appeared and was angry at me saying that I (cannot remember the word right now - its when you do something wrong to someone - like backstabbing but worst) and I thought or said aloud that we never were friends and she stayed there, one of the things I took she said hey you gave it to me and I stopped and thought about it and said oh yes and left it there and I continued (not true since i never met her before then). I either finished or stopped and by that time she and everyone else were laughing at me because I was losing a famous friend but I said a few names and then said these are famous and these I really know and they laughed until Seth McFarlane came in and he was happy to see me and me him, Kim left furious and the others stopped laughing. We started by sarcastic banter and then the conversation quickly became stupid and then it was (or maybe it became that way right away) it became what would you do between two things and the last he gave to me was something with spiders or having things shoved up my butt and I picked the second, he said wow really and I said yes I could pick the first but would chickened out because of my phobia and I actually went in a place on all fours and naked to do it (cannot recall us doing any of the stupid things unless that was the first) and he tried to stop it many times, a long line of people were there with many different things. The first was Kristen Stewart who changed to something very small when she saw me. I woke up before it happened.