I remember two dreams.

I was watching a movie with my parents, I do not remember the start but when I remember it from I am not losing much. It was a woman with high heels and she had to go up and the elevator was broken so she went to the bottom of the stairs and she was half angry half resigned and she then started to climb to the office where she needed to go, me and or one or both of my parents were laughing and also part sorry for her (i did say something about it before she got to the stairs). I do remember lots of people upstairs near a few doors and she had some issues going in but she was able to.

I went to the hospital, the waiting room was bigger and I went through the lines of chairs to get to the last, it was bothering people and everyone were looking at me it seems. I started whining in pain before reaching a seat and then carefully I sat. I had a backpack with me and after I sat I reached to the floor and there was a plastic container with the backpack and something else, I took the backpack I think to get a book or a game (just remembered the other thing was a nail polish set for kids - at 1 point it made me ashamed but did not show it and it looked like i had some of that polish on which i did not until then). My cell rang which angered everyone again but still nobody talked. I answered and was talking in English with someone who I think was a man and people were even angrier at my spoken language, I was leaving but then I came back to get a paper and a pen and I wrote down what he told me. I do not know if it stopped there or there was something else.