I remember one dream.

I was about to close the computer but something was different and I clicked on it thinking it would just close and it changed everything. I started to panic (by the way that happened in the last bedroom i had in Saint-Hubert - my brother was there and like usual he did not say a word - do not remember if he was there from the start) and then soon after I would scream very loudly because I did not know what to do, the only things that worked normally were my favorites, everytime I would click on one that would open but everything else something else would open. There was something about Revlon that appeared and I knew that this is what I had to get rid of so I was trying basically everything while screaming and panicking. My brother still was not saying anything and he did nothing too. At some point mom was there too and she did not care at all, at least Patrick had some concern on his face but she did not, she was acting like everything was fine. I told them (her especially) what was going on while still panicking and she did not look at me and did not stop, she just did not care (like real life).