I remember two dreams.

I was in a big park and many people were there too. I had a backpack and a bag from a store, I was also sitting on a bench. I do not remember if someone invited me to walk or I wanted to walk or the people walking kind of forced me to walk or made me want to walk or I was on the phone or with someone who wanted to walk but I got up at one point to walk. It would not be really fun because of the extra bag and also the backpack had lots of things in it but I wanted to walk in that park. The backpack was on the ground so there was lots of stuff on it that to my best I took off with my hands but it was going everywhere so I got afraid for my eyes. Many people were looking at me funny but I kept at it then I put it on and took my bag and started walking. Again people were looking at me and I often rearranged the backpack and changed hands the bag but I kept walking. I think something else happened but if so I cannot remember it.

I was in a small store that did not sell a lot of things. I kept walking and looking and I wanted to buy at least one thing to help the owner. I got a call, many people were looking at me and laughed at me when they saw I had a flip phone but I did not care. I smiled when I saw the number and laughing I answered. I laughed a lot then I said where I was. They were selling mostly head whatever that muslim women have to wear and I said oh yes that is her birthday (i think i said today) after I mentioned that I could buy a friend of ours that was muslim one. Then I said her favorite color is red right or something like that then I picked one that was red but then I saw the things cooks put on to not get their clothes dirty and I said well she will start cooking school soon so that would be a better gift and I ended up picking one of those then bought it. I think that was it.