I remember one dream.

A cop was searching for a Budgie that had ran away from home. He was searching in what looked a lot where I used to live (Saint-Hubert) and suddenly a Parrot screamed at him and he followed and the Parrot ended up near a tree where he looked and he saw the Budgie from afar and careful went there and got him. He thanked the Parrot and talked to the Budgie (do not remember what he said exactly). He got back to his car but when he arrived at the street of the family who had the Budgie he was walking (that really looked my street there) and it was very windy and he had a cage where the Bird was. he ended up really quickly where two men were working on a construction or renovation site. The cop was scared for his eyes with the wind and then with the debris. I think he talked to the two men or the two men talked to him. It had no end like it had no start.