I remember one dream.

I went on a balcony that was where a show would happen. There were many people there and one was Gordon Ramsay (unless he was in another dream but im sure it was there just like im sure nothing else happened before that). When the show started Rammstein was announced and I freaked out, ran to the edge and looked down then one by one they started to appear and I lost it when I saw the first. I was screaming, jumping and crying. They saw me and all smiled at me which made me freak out more and I freaked out more when they started playing. The end was me watching a video of them and they were outside in nature and naked, one by one they went where the camera was and said something then walked above the camera to go somewhere else, I was trying my best to see if they had big penises, it was grainy so hard but I could make it out.