I remember one dream.

At the start I was in a new place (maybe not totally new or not even new) with at least my parents. I received a call from a friend telling me she was lost, after she told me where she was I asked around, my parents did not know the others around too then I thought I had seen someone work for the city and said it aloud and dad said something and I saw him but he did not (cannot remember his uniform) but I was going to ask anyway but then I remembered being where she was and I told her to find the 23 bus and to get out where there was a Chinese restaurant and there the 88 had it's last stop and it passed right where he stop was, she did not really believe me and I decided to go show her and she waited for me not believing I would go to her but I did, we took that bus and at first I was not sure but then I saw something I recognized and said yes it is soon and I said that small sentence often until I saw it and pointed it to her and said there it is. We walked around and ended up in a store that was next to the restaurant (spotted in the bus a window where we could take orders there and then that window was in the store) and she again did not believe me but in the left corner of a hall of shelves there was a sign and one of the numbers was 88. I then said well I better go back home too and we waited and when the bus came everyone walked elsewhere and at least me and Brigitte thought we would miss the bus because we were not next to the sign anymore but it stopped and let us in, she had a transfer of paper (that stopped years ago where i lived - probably everywhere else too) and I had a pass that was dirty but it worked, she was already sitting and eating a soup from the restaurant and my pass had food from there too which I think was in a takeout bag I had. She was ignoring me and sitting next to the window which made it harder for me to look out for where she would get out and then me, wanted to see these familiar streets.