I remember four dreams.

Eric Lindros was having more concussions and he became seriously ill from it then he ended up in a coma and later worst. I think he was also either back playing Hockey (yes just remembered that - a coach still wanted him on his team despite all his injuries and him not being as good as he once was) or it was back when he was playing Hockey so the last years.

I was living somewhere and a baby was mistreated by his mom. I was often in her house so I took care of him but without her realising because I was afraid she would mistreat him worst. When I saw that she had taken his main blanket I was furious, I did not have the money to get him another one so I walked around to get pieces of whatever I could find and to the best I could do sew it all together to make a blanket and I gave it to him. Then I got all my things together to run away with him but she saw the blanket and screamed what is that and I said that I did it for him. She was still angry but left to do something else. I hurried up and took the things belonging to Coin Coin but then came back for the three others, I saw some of their clothes while getting mine so took it too. I do not remember if we made it or not, perhaps the dream stopped there.

I was like a spy or something like that and working with at least another one like me or he too was where I had my mission. I was doing things that were technically not possible but it was working. At one point it did not look good for me which is when I think the other who I think was James Bond arrived (Roger Moore i think). This is all I remember.

I was running away from my parents. We were in the Saint-Hubert house. They were both in the house when I started to get my things but I heard them come where I was so I hid my two bags and when they were busy at the other end of the room I sneaked out with the bags and hid them near the exit but I heard them coming there so I hurried but taking the time to put it where they would not see. They again did not see it, they were rearranging things where clothes were and then coats, in that dream mom seemed to be the boss of the house. I was almost done but I needed more clothes, I was feeling bad because of course I could not bring everything because I would have too much baggage (i was leaving by foot). I also was bringing the four musketeers who I think were already in the bags or just one of the bags.