I remember two dreams (barely remember anything from both - maybe the last was it but maybe not - the first i know some is missing).

I was with a German Shepherd and we were kidnapped somewhere. We were able to get away and we were in what seemed in the middle of nowhere. He was telling me where it was safe and when we had to hurry. At one point we got to a city where many people were and I was trying to get the help of someone but nobody cared so I finally stopped trying to get help. I do not remember which came first but at one point we entered an abandoned big house where I started a fire after putting metal around it thinking it won't spread eventhough the floor was wood (when the fire started spreading we were out and it started by a lot of smoke then the flames - i remember thinking when i saw it that the people after us would think it was us) the other part is that we entered in a house that I thought was empty, someone asked for someone else and we ended up in the room where that other person was, we kept moving and hiding until that person was out of that room. Then we ended up in the kitchen where I got some food, some I decided to cook, I kind of took some time but we left with all the food before getting caught. The people after us were trying to find us all that time.

I decided to evade paparazzi by driving a motocycle very fast, I did not care that I would end up losing my license or and in jail all I wanted is to make them furious by losing me in a chase. It took a while but I did it, they did find me soon after but I won that round so I did not mind and they were furious.