unfortunate that you don't have a good health care system in place there. I would think maybe there is a clinic available if you do not have a primary care doctor at this time? What do people do when they need medical treatment? There must be some other alternative available to you.

I do not know if too much ear wax causes migraines. Maybe a headache from the pressure, but there are many types of headaches and not all headaches are migraines. I am also a migraine sufferer, and to me it is a different type of head pain than a typical headache. For me, aspirin would never clear up a migraine, but it would help other types of headaches. I am not a doctor so I would recommend that you see one as soon as you can for the answers you seek.

I think a good start to a healthier and happier you would be to start eating better, drink more water, get enough sleep, and manage stress the best you can. Walking is great for exercise and for clearing the mind. It may even help your headaches to get out into the fresh air.

Debbie Grejdus
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