Yesterday I had Selection orange juice, water, Pepsi and Ginger Ale with three toasts made with a fresh white bread baked and cut at IGA (no crusts - butter), meat and vegetables boiled (4 slices of what was a pork roast [out the freezer the day before] + 1 white potato + 1 carrot - vegs eaten with butter), cookies made by mom (made a mistake at first she used the dough of chocolate chips but some she added raisins and this is what i first bit into so did not finish that 1 and ate at least 1 of the others), white rice with white mushrooms and pieces of green onions (cut and washed by mom a few days ago) pan fried in butter and tomato paste, three white uncooked potatoes pan fried in butter.

I also took Adult Essentials complete vitamin gummies for women.