I lost my job in July of 2009 and slowly I've become lazy so I go to bed late and wake up late which means that I eat at different times and since I don't eat healthy to start with my diet has become worst so I take complete vitamins before my breakfast and two calciums during the day.

Soon I will stop being so lazy, I will get up at a normal time (even when i get to bed late) and with that I will be able to start having a more normal breakfast and eat a dinner and supper at normal times. Until I'm used to it again I may continue eating badly so if I do that I'll continue taking vitamins and calcium.

When I used to eat three meals a day on normal times I was eating complete meals so I had all my vitamins and calcium with the food I ate.

I'm lucky that doing that only brought me a small tummy (which im happy to say is almost all gone now...started exicising again last year...never skip an exercise at least).

I never counted the fat, sugar, salt and calories and never ate and drank low and no fat, sugar, salt and calories food but at least I was eating better than I have been for about two years.

I have many kitchen appliances that I have yet to use (griddle, steam cooker, etc...) and I am writing down all the menus I can make with them, like that you can make the same thing but cooked differently so there's no way you can get bored with what you eat.

I think I'll come back here every day when I will start eating normally (well at least at normal times at first..haha). Just writing all my dreams and writing what I spend money on has been helping me so that may too (for my exercises i wait until im done with 1 to go post about it).