Nancy -

It's fine not to be hungry smile. When I wake up I have my protein shake because I'm not very hungry. So it helps if you have options planned out beforehand, so even if you're sleepy you reach for something healthy. You want to have protein in you when you wake up. Maybe there are other protein options that are ones you enjoy that are easy to grab and nibble on?

It's really amazing how much the food we ingest affects our mood, energy levels, crankiness levels, stress levels, and more. Some food can directly make us feel stressed, worn down, and cranky. So it's good to learn to avoid those!

I know you have a lot you're juggling right now, and it could definitely be that your food is "dragging at you" and helping to make things much worse for you. For example, I just ate a whole apple. I can feel the crash that my blood sugar has gone through as a result. So my brain - and my energy - is being harmed by the food I ingested. If I hadn't eaten that apple I'd be in much better shape.

Sometimes even little changes can help tremendously. For example, think about the soda and sugar-drinks you're ingesting. All of those have a very strong impact on your body's levels. That kind of sugar water goes directly into your veins and to your brain. Do you have any other options to drink? Unsweetened ice tea? Flavored water? Milk? Herbal teas? There are SO many other options out there that are easy, less expensive, and would make an immediate impact on your stress levels and health.

I don't mean to stress you further smile. But sometimes a very simple change can have a profound effect on how you feel.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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