I take a chewable iron tablet and 2 Marlyn Formula 50 (for hair and nails) before bed, but I swallow it whole because the iron stains my teeth. In the morning I take 2 Marlyn Formula 50, centrum silver multi, sublingual B12, D3 5000 IU, calcium 500 mg, and then another 4 calcium per day separated by 2 hours, so I am done with the calcium by 2pm as my iron will not absorb with the calcium I have to save the iron for bedtime. Then I have cottage cheese and a small apple, banana, or some mango for breakfast every day. Every day for lunch I have an omelet made with egg whites, laughing cow low fat cheese, onions, bell peppers, and turkey bacon or turkey sausage, sometimes I supplement my omelet with a salad of spring mix and whatever veggies I have time to cut up, sunflower seeds sprinkled on top with balsamic vinegar. Dinner is usually a high protein almond mocha smoothie. This rarely varies during the week. On the weekend I get off track and rarely eat anything until I am hungry. For me, eating the same thing everyday simplifies my life and keeps my diet in check. I so try to eat tuna or salmon on the weekend, and might even grill a nice new York strip. My diet consumes a lot of my thought because I have always had to struggle to maintain a healthy weight. I have no metabolism. I took a good jog with my dog this morning, it felt great after being sick for 3 weeks with bronchitis. Wow, this is a long post.