This is the second time this has come through to me Nancy...

Your body, sleep issues, something w/carbs and sugars. I'm no expert, DR. or anything, this is just feelings. It's like a metabolism that is reving throughout the day, even if you throw in vitamins. Just something to consider...but sugar, especially actually, carb/sug seem to work in same way. I'd look into it if you can research/read...i stink right now at it, lol.

But for me, I've been on beans for like 2 weeks now. Nuts, fish, pinto beans, refried beans. I'm like I think these all have protien in them.

I go to pull anything else out and it's like arg. Also, those Boca Flamed Grilled burgers. Been eating those...have no idea, but I figure the body is a living computerized organic organism. If something says "Enter" for me anyway, I usually, as long as it's a good thing wink

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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