Yesterday I had Selection grape juice, Pepsi, water and Ginger Ale with one fried egg with a Gadoua white bread slice (did not eat the white and the crusts), Les Aliments M&M potato nuggets with ketchup, food from Pizzeria Le Marquis (a slice of a all dressed pizza [did not eat the peperoni + green peppers + end of the crust i only ate the inside] and fries with ketchup - only the pizza was put in the fridge unless mom later put the fries there too), some of the rice leftovers and one white uncooked potato pan fried in butter (did not eat all of the potato - for some reason it tasted weird and it had to do with mom and how she washed that pan - she uses paper towels for pans so maybe thats it - it never have that taste when i wash the dishes).

I also took Adult Essentials complete vitamin gummies for women.