Yesterday I had IGA fruit punch, Pepsi, Orange Crush (after 1 sip i had to threw it away - it was like i had drank soap or something other than soda) and Ginger Ale with one toast made with white bread (no crusts - butter), one Black Diamond marblelicious cheesestring, about half of an extra cheese and sauce poutine from Dixie Lee (average so not enough to put the rest in the fridge for later), the meat pie leftovers (did not eat the end of the crust [did that too all the times i have eaten pies] and 1 last bite was remaining too) with ketchup (1 slice - the other half was eaten by dad the day before), pieces of green onions and white mushrooms pan fried in olive oil with white rice and tomato paste, one Minions Kinder surprise, two white uncooked potatoes pan fried in butter (ate about 1/4).

I also took vitamins (with calcium in it).