Thank you for all the informations! I was able to find symptoms of migraines last night on the internet but not what caused them.

I cannot talk to a doctor about it since I don't have one right now. Ours retired in June and we are on a list waiting for one. Most doctors for the past year have been either retiring or going to work in another city so most people here are like us without a doctor.

Today so far no migraines, I woke up fine but sometimes for a few seconds the neck hurts, I'll check this carefuly and if I see these pains are longer and wants to go somewhere else I won't do like I'm used to do which is to wait too long to take aspirins and I'll take some then.

Do you know if too much ear wax can also cause a migraine?

I'll make changes, I don't want to be very sick when older and be the cause of this.