Because I live with and cook for my family, it's been hard for me to stay on track with the kind of menus I want. My husband is an avowed carnivore and sweet eater while my son is a carb-aholic (pasta, bread).

My daughter is more like her father but thankfully, she just informed me that her body is craving lighter foods. For lunch, she wanted just some green juice (green veggies and fruit blend). She loves her ice cream though but everyone has a vice.

I finally reached a point where I will no longer let my family decide what I'm going to eat! Yes, they can eat whatever they like but I don't have to eat what they eat! What a revelation! Haha!

So, I went ahead and made my grapefruit-avocado salad which was so fresh and good while my husband bought some onion rings and a fast food fried chicken burger. (He just got out of the hospital with COPD and weakened pulmonary arteries, too. ugh.)

Usually, I would go along with what everyone else wants but I just can't do it anymore. And it feels so good. I'll be glad to make two different meals if it feels this good to me! Tonight, I'll have my vegetarian chili with brussels sprouts on the side but my husband would never eat it so he'll be having ham with cheesy scalloped potatoes.