One of the things I am planning to do soon is live an healthier life and that will include cutting down on my Pepsi intake. I will soon finish to write down all my ideas and after that I want to give my brain a break, I want to relax again and be able to focus. I am so tired of always thinking and worrying. So the days I won't have anything special like an appointment or an Hockey game I will spend it outside. I will walk and bike plus I will eat and drink healthier. I'm also going to give myself a break from vitamins and calciums since I will eat and drink healthy during that time. I of course won't completely cut off Pepsi, I will just drink some after supper like I used to do. I'm also planning on putting sunscreen on even during Winters, having small walks once in a while is okay not putting any on while spending hours outside without any is not very good (one of my aunt have a face completely ruined by the sun). I actually put a date on this, the day the schedule of the new season of the Dallas Stars is out of if they announce Jamie Benn (my favorite) as the captain before it will be that day (they do have a big announcement on june 4) I will change my email address and begin the next day my big changes for my mental health (which of course would help my physical health), I will do that until their season is over then I will be able to finally make a big decision about my future (school...move out....), I have not been able to make that decision and I know it is because my brain is overloaded and stressed to the maximum.