Hi Lisa!

I did not know that a body could crash after eating an apple.

I am pretty much addicted to Pepsi. I tried to stop drinking it when I was a teenager but I was such a monster during that time that people around me were begging me to start drinking it again and I caved. I don't remember how long I made it. It was so bad back then that I was drinking Pepsi with my breakfast. When I had a normal routine I could drink other things with my dinners and suppers and I was not even half dead when it came night and I started drinking some, now if I've been up for a few hours and I haven't had any I drag my feet because I have no energy.

I dislike hot drinks so no tea or coffee. I hate milk even chocolate milk. Water I rarely drink but the colder it is the better I love it so when I keep a bottle in the freezer I do drink some during the day (just drank some before coming back in front of my computer...my mom was scared..lol) but I found not too long ago powder mixes and added to water and put in the freezer until it's a slush I love, I know it's not really healthy but at least there's water along with the powder. Besides that Ginger Ale is my drink of choice. For my juice in the morning I put it in the freezer and I do some things in the meantime (used to go on Care2 then i waited for my scans and now its all the charity click except for Care2 that i could find...when i change my email address i just wait after my scans).

When I will get a normal routine back I plan on drinking Ginger Ale with my dinners and the slushie with my suppers. I don't see myself stopping drinking Pepsi honestly.